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Hainan Zhonghong Business Co.,  LTD.
Hainan Zhonghong Business Co., LTD.
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Name:Ms. Janese Fang [Sales]
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Address:Room 1304,Block F, SHI MAO Center Building, No.2 SHI MAO East Road,Haikou City, Hainan Province, China
haikou 570102, Hainan
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Registration Date:Sep. 07, 2011
Last Updated:Sep. 07, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Food & Beverage category

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HaiNan ZhongHong Business Co.Ltd is a professional Manufacturer. Our main products series include bread yeast, active dry yeast, food additives, instant dry yeast, yeast, dry yeast. The yeast consists of various biological active materials needed by human body, such as amino acid, vitamin B, microelement and carbohydrate. The product has good quality and high fermenting power. It is easy to use. It is the best ferment agent for bread, biscuit and cake .Most of our products have obtained International Approvals like ISO9001, ISO9002 etc. With the advanced production facility, strong technical ability and professional production capability. The plant produces 4, 000 tons of edible yeast, the output value 50 million yuan. we' re sure that we can supply customers with the high quality and best design. Main Export Markets: South America, Southeast Asia, Mid East, Africa.

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